My Specialties

Research & Discovery

I can conduct target audience research, competitor research, user tests and interviews to identify key opportunities.

Content Strategy

I know how to develop and execute web content strategies that solve complex problems and generate positive ROI.

Content Creation & Editing

I love writing, designing and editing content. I specialize in creating webpages, case studies, and  product guides.

A Little About Me

I am passionate about leveraging research and content to create superior user experiences online. I have been a professional writer for 10 years and a content strategist for 4 years. My core strengths include copywriting, content marketing and content editing. I also have experience with user research, user testing and data analysis. My goal is to obtain a full-time position on a UX Research team.

I currently work at GoDaddy as a Marketing Operations Technologist. In my role, I implement split tests and updates on the website to improve the user experience and drive positive ROI for the company. This career gives me the opportunity to strengthen my website design and editing skills, while also learning how to analyze user insights and conduct user testing.

Over time, I hope to strengthen my website design and editing skills, as well as my user research skills. As a result, I will be able to manage and improve the full website experience for my employers and clients.

See My Projects

The way I approach and complete my work assignments can help you understand who I am as a professional. Check out my projects to learn more about my process and the kind of results I can drive for you.